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Everything you need to to know at a glance!

Vacuum insulation in the internal area as a space-saving alternative.

Internal insulation

1 cm vacuum insulation corresponds to 5-8 cm standard insulation material.
The lambda value of 0.007 W/(mK) as well as the up value of up to 0.14 W/(m²K) speak for themselves. The innovative vacuum insulation can really score points through its low installation heights when being used in interior construction. In particular in the case of challenging reconstruction measures, the thermal insulation is often the best solution.

We will take on the complete planning of the elements for you in the form of an laying plan. We label the panels as per the plan in our factory meaning they can then be easily fitted in the right place on the construction site (the laying plan is included with the delivery).

In our download area you can download general information, tender specifications, and all our technical drawings.

Internal floor insulation

Master low installation heights!

Internal wall and ceiling insulation

insulation that barely takes any space!

VT-VIP blank (QASA-N)

flexibly applicable!