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    to know at a glance!

Everything you need to to know at a glance!

The high-performance insulation material made by specialists for construction applications!

External insulation

1 cm vacuum insulation corresponds to 5-8 cm standard insulation.1 cm vacuum insulation corresponds to 5-8 cm standard insulation material. The lambda value of 0.007 W/(mK) as well as the up value of up to 0.14 W/(m²K) speak for themselves. The sturdy material is super simple to integrate anywhere in buildings where there is no space for traditional insulation. This innovative technology can even guarantee optimum results for construction work on existing buildings.

We take on the complete planning of the elements in the form of a layout drawing. We will label the panels in factory according to plan and consequently these can be assigned on site without any problems (the layout drawing is included in the delivery).

In our download area you can download general information, tender specifications, and all our technical drawings.

Balcony/terrace/flat roof

Master low installation heights!

Façade insulation

Thermal insulation without aesthetic flaws!

Roller/venetian blinds & soffits

Avoid thermal bridges using our know-how!

Dormer insulation

maintain your building’s architecture!

VT-VIP blank (unlaminated) (QASA N)

flexibly applicable!

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